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Alexander McQueen (RIP) wasn't the only one obsessed with skulls and skull iconography.....who amongst us isn't fascinated by a skull or maybe a skull and crossbones? The assembly of calvarium and facial bones is sort of goth and macabre and a reminder of Halloween, not to mention Hamlet's great soliloquy. Maybe it was watching the skeletons fight in Jason and the Argonauts as a child or a love of the Jolly Roger thanks to Treasure Island, but color me intrigued. 



This just proves that Chanel really does go with everything, including my office "lamp".  



And speaking of the SKULL, here Johnson Hartig of LIBERTINE includes it as a focal point of one of his wacky and whimsical fall winter entries, a short double button blazer made of wool and cashmere, a personal favorite currently found at Neiman Marcus.



The skull is composed of white bead dreadlocks, while the cuffs are bedazzled by coalescent pieces of mirror in a shark tooth pattern. Quike striking, especially when light is reflected off the cuffs. (Lord knows it kept me intermittently distracted at Sweeney Todd a couple of weeks ago). And to add to the witty drama, the abstract clouds and the Vampire Cat on the back!

A great piece for Halloween festivities!

If you want off the beaten path jackets or coats, check out LIBERTINE!





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