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Unless you've just hit the jackpot by stumbling onto a new gizmo which can slice and dice summer squash, OR you're 22, out of Stanford and running a new startup, you're probably hoarding shekels and avoiding profligate spending like the plague.  No shame in that, as so many of us can look but n...

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Time for some casual fare.  Well, RELATIVELY casual, with nary a bugle bead in sight.  Duchesse satin and cashmere can be rendered informal by skinny jeans or shoe booties, or a nonchalant attitude.  No need to forsake form for function or alluring style for comfort.  And the key word for this e...

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We are sliding through July at lightening speed. Which means that opening activities are just around the corner, heading to your local Opera house or Symphony hall come September. Tents will be erected and red carpets unfurled. Its time for transient rumination about all things silk and tulle. ..

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More from the rarified annals of fall couture, with assorted pieces conjuring visions of armor, from medieval days gone by to a post apocalyptic future.

Maybe its my obsession with fencing, born when viewing Errol Flynn and Basil Rathbone flying around the steps of the local castles, whilst lunging...

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Nothing like celebrating the storming of the Bastille (July 14, 1789) with some "vintage" haute couture fanfare.     Philosophy aside, the French Revolution in all its blood stained glory certainly made for interesting bourgeoisie fashion fodder.   Here, metaphorically imagined ...

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A painting of a California garden by my Father in the early 1980's.





A brilliant musician, artist, and golfer, and my greatest inspiration.


Rest in peace Dad.



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From the avant-garde to the sublime, fall haute couture is upon us.  Sometimes hovering just beyond the bounds of believability, often true art demonstrating the virtuosic skill of the artisans in the ateliers, always a spectacle worth observing.  

We can all use the occasional interlude betw...

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Fall haute couture is now busting out, with glorious concoctions emerging like butterflies from their respective pupae.  The usual suspects are amongst the display, however, a new and STELLAR addition is in the mix, yes, one of my all time personal favorites and a current obsession, ALBERTA FER...

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And here, the colors of the day in fall winter festive frocks!





Images brought to you by

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