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What better way to ring in 2016 than in some shiny outrageous footwear?

And here, from the always inspiring shoe salon at Saks Fifth Avenue San Francisco, a few options for the glittery time that is NEW YEARS EVE!

(And some pairings from RESORT 2016)






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Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi shared their synaptic flow and conjured up a lush assembly of wearable opulence that might take one from lounging in a manor (or on safari in Tanzania, different strokes, etc) , to work in a venue where impeccable chic is a necessity, or to any fabulous ...

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Known for some of the most exquisite red carpet finery and glorious couture collections, Elie Saab brings that same ethos of fairy tale glory to his pre fall collection. Opulence, low level and verging on over the top, is ever-present in a relatively small (typical for pre-fall and resort collec...

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Now THESE are my kind of stocking treats, care of the shoe salon at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE, San Franciso!  While the mashed potatoes are being whipped and the pumpkin pie is baking in the oven, (and the obligatory bowl games are droning on in the background), let the perusal of the latest and greate...

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To whet the appetite of all shoppers and spread some holiday cheer, scenes from my random wanderings through UNION SQUARE, San Francisco!  You don't have to drop a whole lotta shekels to satisfy your aesthetic desires and embrace the season of peace, good will, and RETAIL THERAPY!


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A relatively pithy collection makes a big splash, what with the big volumes, vibrant BOLD color palette, and wacky assemblies! But our brains need collections such as these to combat tweed and soiree gown ennui.  Fashion shouldn't be just serioso! Here comes the DELPOZO cavalry to brighten our ...

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Leave it to Lagerfeld and his atelier artisans to conjure up yet ANOTHER fun, festive, feast for the eyeballs!  The PERFECT resort collection, filled with all varieties of frocks for daytime wanderings, lunches with ladies, and glamorous affairs.  And of course, there will be the TWEED element...

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Since his glory days at Project Runway (still one of THE most talented of the lot), Siriano has been ministering to the Ladies who lunch, wear hats, and live to make the grand entrance.

The name of the game is BIG, BOLD and T H E A T R I C A L. Voluminous skirts, all varieties of lux silkens, b...

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In case anyone hasn't been paying attention to the collections for the last several seasons, MINIMALISM, in general, is scant on the runways.  COLOR, OPULENCE in varied degrees, glitter and METALLICS, and of course theatricality loom large. The silhouettes are big, bold, long, and voluminous. R...

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We all need a "happy place", a place where the air is clean, the atmosphere calm and inspiring, where everyone knows your name……and for me?  Yep, LOUIS VUITTON, Union Square San Francisco.  

Clean spartan lines, sky high ceilings, spotless surroundings, filled with a host of IMPECCABLE hi...

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Allegedly, rains and deluge the likes of which man hasn't seen since the days of the New Testament will rage against these parts any moment now.  

And who says you can't be drenched AND stylish simultaneously?

The antidote to EL NINO is the newest RAINBOOTS care of LOUIS VUITTON!:

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I've always cottoned to Phillip Lim, with his varied assortment of engaging and sometimes quirky separates.  These are friendly, stylish yet non fussy garments with a constant element of pizzaz.  AND the price point remains quite reasonable. No need to hit the mattresses or your 401K to assemb...

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Its seems counter intuitive, but yes, RESORT elements are currently percolating into the stores taking up their place amongst the fall winter and pre-fall lingerers as icicles rapidly multiply at an alarming pace.  As you wander through the stores and boutiques bundled in heavy woolens and park...

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December is here! Get out the skis, the parkas and the comfy shoes for the marathon rack perusing.  Winter sales have begun!  (It might even be time to get in line for the new Star Wars movie…..when does that come out, anyway?). 

But no matter what we all have going these days, we need com...

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