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In case anyone hasn't been paying attention to the collections for the last several seasons, MINIMALISM, in general, is scant on the runways.  COLOR, OPULENCE in varied degrees, glitter and METALLICS, and of course theatricality loom large. The silhouettes are big, bold, long, and voluminous. Ruffles are rife. A broad vibrant color palette rules the day.

And no runway collection exemplifies these trends in as big a ball of fanciful fun as GUCCI by Alessandro Michele.  I have nothing but unabashed praise for his collections what with the high concentration of wacky and whimsical.  And any designer who keeps the flora and fauna at the forefront of the designs has my vote of confidence. And even if some of the pieces are an aesthetic stretch for the more timid of fashionistas or casual bystanders, they would certainly put a smile on the face of anyone with a sense of humor or a pulse. 

So, I'm reading the three comments at the end of the images on, one complimentary, the others disparaging, and thinking that the glue sniffing must stop! One commenter wants "Tom Ford Gucci"…..well, here's a thought, if you don't like the ethos of Michele, GO TO TOM FORD, he is still designing for Christ's sakes. And Tom Ford is still doing TOM FORD. (Rolls eyeballs). A new designer will change the DNA of the house by incorporating his or her own, with a continued evolution of the brand, as it should be. And akin to the law of natural selection, if no one buys it, new DNA will find its way into the double helix from the next designer. Gotta keep things moving and fresh!

This collection is vast, and yes, there are iterations of the prior seasons, with the long diaphanous ruffled gowns, the 70's inspired pant suits, artful bombers, and 60's minis. But the truth of the matter is that most designers have their particular niche and tend to riff off the same cluster of ideas going forward. You want a glorious tweed suit? You go Chanel. You want a couture like tulle gown emblazoned with flora and fauna?  You go Valentino or Gucci.  A cocktail dress for a ladies luncheon?  Oscar de la Renta….etc. Just like in the culinary world, you keep what works. This is a business after all. 

From the serpent embellished T-shirt to the soiree gowns, incorporating all sorts of critters and all the colors from the Crayola box, this is a collection to amaze and inspire. 


Without further ado, GUCCI PRE-FALL 2016:



Ok, this is A LOT of look, which can be said for many of the ensembles in this collection.  But remember, no need to combine ALL the elements.  Maybe just the jacket or one of the glorious bejeweled purses.  Adhering to any particular look can sometimes result in fashion victim status. 



RUFFLES in all lengths, definitely a younger vibe. 



BOMBER patrol.  These are easy and can be paired with pretty much any other piece of clothing, from the simple, think khaki shorts or jeans, to the sublime, with the long dramatic pleated shimmery skirt.  HUZZAH.



The big sweater is a timeless staple.  Nothing wrong with a simple wool cardigan, but when you want some pizzazz to brighten your day?  Here you go.



This line of clothing is more wallet friendly than say Chanel or Valentino, but it ain't cheap as they say. The sweaters are a good way to dip the toe into the runway pool.



More casual fare.  Butterflies on the jeans?  Works for me.



The Michele version of the TRENCH.  Less Sam Spade, more Mary Poppins. This is HAPPY clothing!!!!



The frocks and gowns are definitely a strong suit in an already robust assembly.  And the last confection peppered with coalescent serpents?  TO DIE FOR. Not sure what the serpent obsession is about.  There is a bit of a Noah's Ark vibe through the collection however. Curious.



The MOD suit contingent circa Austin Powers 60's.  Too Kool.



And of course being a big ole JACKET/COAT Ho', these are my personal favorites.  And the bejeweled "frog" closures? Swoon, something from the old Russian aristocracy. 


And this was only one third of the entire collection!  Runway images care of


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