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Well, Paris fashion week has just begun, so I am about 500 shows behind the eight ball many sublime moments to shock and awe......


However, back we go to the Milan cat walk, where lace is rife, in the form of dreamy upscale ladylike AND barely there dresses to engage and amaze....

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Time for some more fancy footwear, care of Neiman Marcus, San Francisco!


Some engaging options from three of my personal favorites, Chanel, Christian Louboutin, & Roger Vivier.



Freakin' PERFECTION in a black boot.  STRETCH suede to the knees, with a chunky but not c...

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I for one was crestfallen upon learning of the iminent departure of Peter Dunas from Pucci.  I only recently purchased my first Pucci ready to wear, a real STELLAR piece of blue velvet with Zodiac inspired embellishments, however, I've been fascinated by his recent runway extravaganzas consisti...

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The great thing about fashion?  With each and every runway show or display in every season, we are treated to a treasure trove of delights emanating from around the globe. Sure there are iterations of iterations of what we've come to expect, and thank goodness for that. Who doesn't love Chanel'...

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If New York was about honing and elevating sportswear, the message from London is about unabashed femininity, old school glamour, and couture inspired theatricality.  

Mainly, its ALL ABOUT THE FROCK, in every permutation imaginable….for varied sensibilities.  A broad color palette infuses ...

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Thanks to my dear friend Eric, I was lost, but now I'm found!  I had ne'er heard of this delightfully quirky brand until just two days ago.  I was rendered pleased indeed to add another relatively new favorite to my list:  Marques ' Almeida.

Along the lines of Simone Rocha, but with more of ...

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Too cool for words pretty much sums up of MUCH of London Fashion week, which began last Friday, and ends today!  After a brief heat wave here in SF, the arctic breeze is upon us, so gazing upon diaphanous silkens, ruffles squared, and other airy finery is a refreshing disconnect.  


The sp...

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The opening of the San Francisco Opera has come and gone with the usual fanfare, giving me a chance to pull out last year's Dolce and Gabbana frock and this year's Dolce bejweled pumps.  Those shoes are stunners, sure to to make a repeat performance!  I used to be absolutely AGHAST at the thou...

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What better interlude from the wonders of fashion week than diving into my annals of critter photography from Mkuze Falls, a private game reserve interposed between Kruger National Park and Zululand, South Africa?


Travel Tip: Invest in a telephoto zoom lens before traipsing off to the wilds...

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What better way to end New York Fashion Week than with a tour de force performance by the American Grand Master of fashion, Marc Jacobs, who is arguably THE most talented American designer?  What can I say? I fell head first into the MJ koolaid when he brought ready to wear to Louis Vuitton mor...

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Pardon my transgression on the most recent prior post, NYFW ends TODAY!  


An intriguing series of collections with the tried and true and the new and wacky continue to pepper the catwalk.  


An eclectic assortment for sure makes wonderful and wearable fodder for springtime frolicking!


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New York Fashion Week is coming to an end, leaving behind visions of sugarplum fairies and flights of fancy.  The running theme of 70's flavored bohemia continues to waft through the rarified runway air, right at home with dazzling evening wear that would cause the most jaundiced observer to sw...

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And the sojourn through all things summery and festive continues with wearable togs, cocktailing attire, and deliciously avant-garde non-sequiturs!


Black and white are infused throughout the collections but a ravishing theme colors the runway: RED AND RUFFLES!   All good.


Lady like si...

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The runway shows are coming so fast and furious, it's almost impossible to keep up!  I'm constantly stupified by the bountiful cornucopia of talent emanating from our Eastern shore.  The infectious potpourri of light and airy, athletic, feminine flowery and folkloric, and menswear inspired fin...

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As one of our few San Francisco heat waves was simmering down, and the country in the midst of somber remembrance, the lightness and exuberance of a new beginning was conjured in tents and makeshift runways in that pinnacle of grit, strength, and elegance, New York City.  


As of 9/10/15, N...

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Time for a quick blast from the recent fall winter runway past.  A few of my favorite looks, some previously seen, but cool enough for a repeat performance, some new!


These beauties have been spotted in the Neiman's, Bergdorf's, and Sak's "magalogs", whilst others are ON THE RACKS, waiting...

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A valuable asset in life is having passion for, well, anything.  It staves off ennui.  I can thank my perpetually curious genius Father for infusing in me an interest in disparate activities which culminated in a series of passions including traveling, opera, Brahms, fashion, and photography, ...

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