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Pardon my transgression on the most recent prior post, NYFW ends TODAY!  


An intriguing series of collections with the tried and true and the new and wacky continue to pepper the catwalk.  


An eclectic assortment for sure makes wonderful and wearable fodder for springtime frolicking!







The TITAN of sportswear brings his iconic themes of nautical and casual effortless lux to the fore.  Sporty and feminine easily commingle in a collection tailored for summering in the Hamptons or sailing the open seas.  Its Ralph Lauren, so.....THERE WILL BE TAFFETA!



The summer trench with a kicky lively pattern, almost an abstract nautical….perfect for the summer fall transition or for a temperate climate any time of the year.   



The ironic duo, with the shirt and wide tan belt tempering the sweetness and femininity of the organza and ruffle patrol.  Remember when Sharon Stone wore her now ex-husband's white shirt to the academy awards?  Everyone was in a trance as if seeing fire for the first time.  Same idea.



White harem pants and sumptuous leather jacket in an iconic british tan.  Another outfit that might take one into blustery fall.  Classic leather jacket for the ages.





The Navy inspired togs are typical spring summer fare, but could function well in the fall and winter, just add a red cropped sweater and navy blue peacoat!  The row of buttons add to the overall charm of this look.



Stripes are always in…..Orange is the new black and all that.  The mixing of big and smaller stripes adds to the visual interest in this casual ensemble.  And of course the sequins glam up the whole affair.



Very clever, combining simple and extravagant stripes, the later entirely festooned by a multitude of multicolored sequins.  





Another collection infused with a boudoir sensibility.  The charmeuse slip dress harkens back to the saucy hollywood heroines of the 1930's, a la Carole Lombard and Jean Harlow.



An easy less structured iteration of the iconic trench, lightened in attitude by the floral motif.  An easy way to brighten up a dewy drizzly day.



I never met a ruffle or sequin (paillette) I did not like.  And I'm not even sure I care about the Hansel and Gretel effect…..leaving the occasional residua here and there during nighttime escapades. The layered paillettes of varied size conjure up visions of an alien reptile covered by scales.






One of the coolest pair of leather pants evah.....what with the knee length to prevent heat stroke, and the zippers upon zippers.  A good counterpoint to the light billowy windbreaker fabrics.




Ok, maybe its the desert bedouin in me, but I am OBSESSED by this assemblage of voluminous capes, jackets, and tunics, in neutral and earthen tones of off white, tan, brown and taupe, with hoods and pockets in the mix.  Apropos for travel across the windy Sahara on a Camel, or cruising around San Francisco.  Think layers, as the temperature can shift 20 degrees within moments.  This assembly is light and airy and yet dramatic. 










A recent favorite with eye popping concoctions seamlessly combining impeccable artisan craftsmanship with unique and whimsical adornments and unexpected AND sumptuous fabrications. Velvet and satins might share the spotlight with seersucker.  In the current collection the homage to catholic school attire, with the little jackets and pleated skirts, blended with the abstract Japanese motifs results in a mind boggling show, unique in pret-a-porter. The relatively simple silhouettes belie the couture like quality to the collections, what with the intricate embellishments and attention to detail. (Case in point, the last look above).  All the separates can stand alone as stunners, but the layered effect especially with the pleasing pastels is the best kind of eye candy there is.  The pieces belong under glass……..





Where would spring summer fashion be without butterflies?  A recurring theme of late, the ethereal creatures bring a sense of hope and renewal to the fashion atmosphere. Plus, they're just so p r e t t y.




RED + FUCHSIA, the dynamic duo.  Time to break out of the neutral shackles!  Never fear the mixing of VIBRANT hues. Be brash, be bold, life is short.




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