Springtime is here which means pops of pink and poppy adding a fresh and zesty twist to the impeccable purses, bags, and shoes at the beloved and heralded Louis Vuitton.


Here is just a brief sampling of the newest offerings from the iconic brand. 



For some reason I'm obsessed wi...

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Hat tip to a store in the Haight for the title.  


The Caten brothers (that would be Dean and Dan) once again bring us a merry mix of seemingly disparate elements forged into an intoxicating brew.  They double up on singular charm by combining military, Victoriana, and other winsome themes...

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In a visually soothing and appealing color palette.


Frocks and things for all occasions.


For cocktail hijinks, evening soirees, gala affairs, OR an EASTER PARADE!



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So, I stumbled by Saks Fifth Avenue today to check out the newest delight by DIOR (still missing a fashion director by the way), a spectacular spring runway piece (Raf Simon's last collection), and by serendipity happened upon a mouth watering confection by FENDI, in the form of a gloriously emb...

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You've got to love a designer who loves her some critters!  There will be NO skins or feathers permeating the collections of Stella McCartney.  And frankly I think it is quite cool that chic, hip, and elegant casual can be perpetrated without tormenting our furry and fine feathered friends.  


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Nothing says SPRING is here like a few fancifully festooned frocks, floral embellishments and motifs, and even the occasional organza ruffled shorts! 


A pastel palette looms large bringing to mind garden parties and Easter egg hunts!


And though we may not have Botticelli's Primavera t...

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No jaunt through NEIMAN MARCUS would be complete without a brief sojourn through the SHOE SALON!  No way can you make it out of there without major drooling and coveting.

The selection isn't boot heavy because we are on the cusp of SPRING (which can't come SOON enough), however, pretty much an...

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The wonderful thing about fashion?  You NEVER know which designer will change their tune and bring forth a new and engaging collection which resonates with one's aesthetic sensibilities.  

I've liked Miu Miu (a subsidiary of Prada) through the years, being amused by the accessible collections...

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So, I had the pleasure of making back to back visitations to Saks Fifth Avenue to view the upcoming Spring runway fare from Valentino. This was one of the most stunning collections from the Spring shows, an elegant and occasionally whimsical homage to Africa, with a running motif of the iconic f...

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As per tradition, Louis Vuitton is the ultimate show in the glamorous runway follies that begin in New York and end in Paris.  I don't know the origin of this tradition, but it somehow makes sense in that both Marc Jacobs and Nicolas Ghesquiere have produced some of the most heralded and antici...

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And now, just a smattering of choices from the perpetual Chanel footwear fantasy care of the Saks Shoe Salon, San Francisco.

Seems like every time I wander into that den of treasures there are MANY new selections running the gamut in form and function. There will be boots and shoe booties, my personal favorite, as well as quilting and tweedy elements. 

If in doubt go for a shoe bootie, no matter the color or texture, as most likely you'll be able to pair with MANY things lurking in your closet.  Jeans, slacks, short skirts, midis, boho frocks, parachute pants, or even a kilt.  Totally all purpose. 


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Well allegedly Spring will be here soon, thanks Punxsutawney Phil.  And for those disbelievers in the crystal ball powers of the shadow, the proof is in the appearance of runway fare on mannequins and random racks in local bastions of fashion.

Case in point, LOUIS VUITTON, known for their mast...

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So, we're coming to the end of Paris Fashion Week, leaving much fashionwear fodder to scrutinize and ogle, from New York to London, Milan and Paris!

Typically, fall winter fare is composed of heavier garments composed of woolens, cashmere, techno fabrics, and leathers.  The color palette tends...

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With no particular theme, other than I find myself fascinated by them, here are several disparate yet curious selections from Paris!



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Yet another collection from the legendary Rei Kawakubo of Comme Des Garcons that straddles the fence between fashion and art. Wearable art for sure, although it might be argued that some pieces are more wearable than others.  Depends on the destination maybe?  The entire collection could also ...

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You've got to love the Japanese and their approach to ready to wear.  On the Vanguard of the avant-garde for decades, one can always expect the UNEXPECTED from their disparate collections.  Apparently the more repressed, polite, and mannered a society, the EDGIER the aesthetic when it comes to...

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Dear Lord, just when I think their runway shows cannot possibly get any more blisteringly glorious, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana pull a bejeweled Rabbit out of a satin top hat and prove me wrong. Each and every one of the NINETY FIVE looks is some version of fabulous, from the menswear ins...

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I love a suit, or frankly any kind of menswear inspired chick attire.  The suit is another chameleon in the ready to wear hot house. Wear as an ensemble or team up the separates with other pieces lurking in your closet. Throw a suit jacket over jeans and then add a wide belt ala Diane Keaton. ..

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And now, just a few selections from the Milan runways as we head to Paris.  

More proof that FALL WINTER will be a grand and joyous ode to eclecticism!!!!

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