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While we face torrential rains, subzero temperatures, and burgeoning darkness shortly after afternoon tea time, thank goodness we have the prospect of resort wares to elevate us beyond winter's doldrums. The resort collections are always wonderfully eclectic, with the expected light and airy cot...

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Stuffing and cranberry sauce in the shape of a can are now but a distant memory, heralding the beginning of everyone's favorite winter sport, HOLIDAY SHOPPING!

Whilst recuperating from Thanksgiving gluttony, one might make it to the base camp of retail therapy with some low level trolling for s...

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Its time for more fearless wanderings through the shoe department of Neiman Marcus, Union Square San Francisco, where a curious amalgamation of pre-fall, fall winter and resort options are at the ready for perusal and purchasing.  From outrageous to glamorous to pragmatic, always chic and styli...

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Everyone may not have a rack full of Valentino in their closet, but who DOESN'T covet that rack?  Or at least one of the marvelous creations from their perpetually voluminous collections?  Dear Lord, the looks come fast and furious down the runway for what seems a dreamlike eternity.  Sometim...

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Another in a line of well done FAUX furry delectables, brought to you by VIVETTA:

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What could be more fun than trolling the net-a-porter website whilst taking in endless reruns of Modern Family?

I managed to stumble across a few more wonderfully wacky and smile inducing FAUX fur finds which won't unnecessarily tax your wallet, ethics, or ATP reserves (real fur is h e a v y…...

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From Italy, Turkey, Iran, Spain, Poland, and Brazil, some of the most glorious and inspiring sights are to be found along domes and ceilings.  




And here from my random travels abroad, some truly mesmerizing visions attesting to the brilliance of man and his ability to create things of Olympian beauty that are almost beyond belief.




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Nothing can crush the indomitable spirit of the most beautiful city in the world, PARIS.


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Once in awhile we all need a piece of wearable extravagance, with flare, theatricality, opulence, or a major razzle dazzle factor.  Maybe we're going to a glamorous soiree, or to mingle with royalty, OR our own wedding and we're too honest to wear, ahem, white.  OR, we just want all them other...

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Kitschy?  Maybe, but also fun, furry, faux and FABULOUS!  Nothing will stave off the gray winter doldrums like some bright canary yellow.


And, NO ONE had to die!


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I remember when Moncler was known for the sleeker version of the Puffer.  (The old school version, which happened to be my personal favorite piece of clothing during my teenage years, typified by that worn by "George Costanza" of Seinfeld fame).  More recently a more elegant and chic iteration...

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The most vibrant and bold of colors, no matter the shade, from scarlet to cardinal to vermilion, RED is the perfect metaphor for moxie, vigor, and allure. Wall flowers need not apply.  If you want to stand out from the crowd (who will be no doubt be wearing black or a version thereof), you go f...

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They are RIFE on the runways, a perpetual element of feminine finery. Large, small and micro, in every fabrication possible. You cannot escape, the RUFFLE. No matter the piece or the theme of the collection, a ruffle adds a devil-may-care insouciance. These undulating elements bring to mind sunlit s...

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Halloween is over, the Christmas decorations are on the shelves at Walgreens, and it gets dark at 4:30 apparently Winter is upon us.  Which means its time for THE SWEATER!  One of my personal favorite pieces of clothing.  Warm, fuzzy, with a propensity for the wild and wacky, and bes...

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Because sometimes you just want to gaze upon something pretty!  


Typically this involves a BEAD, sequin, BUTTERFLY or bird.  And probably some chiffon and RUFFLES.


From the Spring 2016 collections….some making a repeat performance.

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Well, I'm not sure who started this curious trend of slip as dress, (?Dolce & Gabbana?), but I suppose it makes sense as a two-for. You can always put a thinner more ethereal slip under the slip dress and turn it into a real dress.  And for some irony, wear with a more substantial piece atop su...

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