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Everyone may not have a rack full of Valentino in their closet, but who DOESN'T covet that rack?  Or at least one of the marvelous creations from their perpetually voluminous collections?  Dear Lord, the looks come fast and furious down the runway for what seems a dreamlike eternity.  Sometimes in extent they surpass even Lagerfeld for Chanel.  Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli (say that ten times fast) must be at the Roman grindstone 24/7 bringing their wondrous fantasies to fruition! The House of Valentino has made an art form of THE DRESS, be it a baby doll mini, always tastefully rendered, or the mind boggling outrageously festooned tulle gown---no one does it better.  

Admixed with the iconic frocks, the dynamic duo will always include jackets, coats, blouses and sweaters, from the relatively spartan to the cleverly adorned.  All pieces can stand alone and can glam up your random closet dwellers, including jeans, black slacks, or that tried and true pencil skirt.  The standard cadre of silhouettes are made curious and sometimes quirky by the patterns and embellishemnts, most recently with a slew of flora and fauna.  Who couldn't benefit from a peacoat or toggle coat peppered with African critters or butterflies?  Adding to the allure of these glorious yet wearable pieces are the fabric selections, rife with laces, lightweight but substantial wooolens, and diaphanous silks.  

And for some well honed "edge", the all purpose black leather moto jacket in varied forms finds its way into the assembly, and even they bear the stamp of femininity and cache typified by the brand. 

Here, from RESORT 2016, the pieces we've all been waiting for:



The black cowboy boots are a kicky addition to this sweet and sort of quirky mini.



Fit for a princess.  Complete with jewel encrusted patent flats, go full on royal.  NO to the sandals!



When on the quest for the everyday MOTO jacket, why not consider some whimsical and artful adornment in the form of worldly intarsia or wheaty embroidery?  All the rage is to pair the hard and the soft, and I'm thinking the ball gown du jour might be metaphorically lightened up with one of these babies.



When you want to spruce up your everyday wardrobe, the BIG sweater with coalescent flowers in a version of jardin.



If you can invest (these pieces are like Chanel, timeless and always "in style") in one piece, I vote for the all purpose jacket, be it the short military choice, the critter laden element, or the long dramatic jacquard treasure.  The jacket can go from work to an evening soiree (well, maybe not the camo) without fuss, but can jazz up some jeans or leggings.  And leave it to this house to glam up camouflage. 



The ever elusive pants, but EGADS, multicolored jacquard, decadent despite the simple silhouette. Pair with a T-shirt and one of the drool worthy leather jackets.




The CAPELET dress, the new kool silhouette.  Also pragmatic, covers a host of real or imagined evils.




SHAZAM!  The embellished frocks and ball gowns are some of the most phenomenal on the runways, what with the blazing display of superb workmanship akin to that seen with haute couture.  A magical garden motif rendered from intricate embroidery upon yards of tulle.  3D multicolored silken flowers adorned to volumes of organza……A Tree of Life given life upon diaphanous black lace…..These are pieces to marvel at.  Many belong under glass for posterity. 


The RESORT collection is slowly percolating into Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue as I write this.  




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