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Ok, I don't care WHO you are, Marie Antoinette back from the grave or the man on the moon, you will L O V E these SPECTACULAR boots!   These are the Christian Bale of boots, hot from every angle.  (I refer of course to his turn as the Dark Knight, thank you Christopher Nolan). Almost everyday of my life I wear boots, with pants, leggings, dresses, skirts, jeans, blah, blah.....they are stylish, all weather, and most importantly, COMFORTABLE.  I've actually forgotten what's in all those boxes piled up in my closets, who cares? These beauties are a modern take on a combat boot, with just enough blingage for visual interest, not enough to come with a matching grill.  I got the black version last fall, and I think I am one of two people strolling around SF with these babies, only because I had seen the boots in Elle or Bazaar earlier in April, so I knew to request a pair as soon as the cobbler elves had finished production. Can one be in love with an inanimate object?   You have to see these in person, the craftmanship is impeccable, as per usual Louis Vuitton standards.


Think of these with patterned tights and a short mod dress for the younger girls, under the new age maxi dresses and skirts, and for us ahem, older folk, with skinny pants and a slouchy sweater.  OR, maybe, skinny black pants, black T-shirt, and cream colored tuxedo jacket!  The possibilities are endless!


No matter what you wear with these stunners, they will be the focal point of the outfit.  


If you want these boots, get to LV pronto, because the buy is small and they will be gone posthaste!  



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