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Go BOLD, BRASH, and DARING, or, just go home! This seems to be the guiding credo of Fausto Puglisi, who appears to be channeling Gianni Versace, RIP. I for one appreciate the spectacle, even though I probably wouldn't have the guts to go near much of these collections which seem ready made for those of the girlfriend-of-the-lastest-IT-rocker-group or maybe Paris Hilton IF she goes bolder than usual.  Except for maybe the radically FABULOUS shoes, boots, and maybe the leather jackets. 

Get ready for the miniest of minis, crazy gladiator sandal-boots with a litany of buckles, and the occasional midriff baring fare, tempered by more conservative, yet with the vintage Puglisi feistiness, pant suits, flared skirts, and double faced cashmere toppers. In fact, this particular collection is relatively subdued.

And permeating the collection is an homage to the wild west, with a kicky horse motif (and who amongst us does not LOVE the equine?!?), leather fringe, some snake, AND the finest damn COWBOY boots since Valentino resort. 

AND, even a hint of Roman Legion makes an appearance in this flashy assembly.

If in doubt, just go for the unique and grand footwear! A good way to liven up your jeans or mini wardrobe.  




The WIDE belt can do wonders for visual interest AND shave an inch or two from the waist.  And you can throw them over just about anything.





Even a little tie dye works its way into the show.  A little something for everyone.  And somehow, tie dye and cowboy boots strike an ironic combination.








Minis of all varities, made tony by the ornate embellishments.




GIDDYUP everyone!






Even when all skin is covered, hip and chic is the order of the day.  




Suits do not have to be the usual boring shmata. And, if the cowboy boots prove too much, just add riding boots. 



Really, COWBOY BOOTS go with EVERYTHING!  AND they won't leave your toes screaming for mercy.  All good.






Its a wonder how old Rome, the Wild West, and moto chic commingle with such ease. 


Here is to a fabulously energetic and eclectic collection styled with THE most eye catching foot finery the "runways" have seen in a fortnight!


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