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Like the litte girl in Annie Hall states ironically, "I'm into leather".  It never dawned on me when watching that movie back in 1977, that she might be onto something! Corduroy, chenille and pleather might come and go, but LEATHER is here to stay!  There is nothing that feels so cozy and luxurious and so wonderfully maliable as good leather.  Along with the little black dress, some well made white blouses, and a sturdy pair of riding boots, a key staple in one's fashion inventory is leather "pants", which tend to be crafted in some version of leggings.  My two pairs of Louis Vuitton leather leggings with zipper detail from 2011 and 2012 and a more recent acquisition of Brunello gray leggings are three of my favorite items.  As in, if a fire starts, I grab my Dog Coco, and then the leathers as I get the hell out!  Maybe its some primal urge, I don't know, but wearing "fitted" leather anywhere on one's body makes one feel powerful.  And leather molds to one's figure, providing a sometimes much needed girdle effect, but also gives when appropriate.  My motto is that a comfortable piece of clothing needs to allow me to eat a burrito.  And the best part of leather?  It covers cellulite.  Nuff said.  Leather runs the gamut of funky sporty to lux to hooch, and you can wear it with ANYTHING!  Tuxedo jacket, T-shirt, long poplin cotton shirt with a motorcycle jacket for full bad ass effect without being full on Hell's Angel, or a slouchy alpaca sweater.




And don't worry if you're not one of them skinny hollywood broads.  If you "think" you have a fat ass and big thighs (guilty as charged), throw on any version of a tunic. I threw on a Louis Vuitton Men's smoking jacket over a long Jil Sander blouse and wore some silver Chanel shoe booties.  This outfit carried me to work, then to a Little Sister's of the Poor charity luncheon, back to work, and then to the President's Opera dinner.  It wouldn't have killed me to throw on some blush or some lipstick....Meh, the point is that we regular folk can embrace leather and wear it EVERYWHERE! I love the way Brunello Cucinelli styles their outfits, they never met a layer they didn't like. If you want butt coverage, throw on a long shirt, then top it off with a cropped sweater.  You stay warm when needed without the extra bulk around the posterior.  (Cheers to Chelsea Clinton for strolling on out in the skin tight leather during pregnancy).


Rock the leather with motorcycle boots, riding boots, sneakers, or 5 inch Louboutins!  And if you are going to make the leap, save your shekels and invest in a well made pair from Louis Vuitton, The Row, Brunello Cucinelli, or Givenchy.   (Or, God willing, CHANEL). Short of being stabbed or mauled by a Lion, a well made pair of leather pants will last forever!  You won't regret it.   Embrace your curves and your inner moxie and go grab some leather pants.  But beware, men are enthralled by leather and might want to t o u c h.....




These leather items were brought to you by Brunello Cucinelli, Givenchy, Isabel Marant, The Row, Balmain, and Chanel Haute Couture, and can be found at Neiman Marcus, Barney's, luisaviaroma, and Paris. 



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